Welcome to Deskphone

DeskPhone is a market leading provider of office systems based in the UK.  Our unique service brings landlines and mobiles together on one seamless platform, giving you complete control of your business communications.

  • All inclusive pricing
  • Mobiles & Landlines
  • Advanced Features
  • No contracts
  • Flexibility for unlimited expansion
  • Cloud based – no maintenance

Deskphone & Mobile Landline Paired Calls

Plug & Play Install

DeskPhone is renowned for it’s simple setup process. Both our mobiles and our desktop phones come pre-configured so they are always plug & play ready.

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Transparent Pricing

All our pricing is clear and transparent allowing you to properly budget for your office communications. Find out more on what you could save by moving your office phones to DeskPhone. 

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Free UK Support

DeskPhone provide unlimited free UK based support for all our VoIP and Mobile customers. Our support portal can also be found at the link below

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DeskPhone Go – The Mobile Landline

Learn more about our revolutionary mobile landlines
that let you make and receive landline calls on the go,
no diversions, no apps and no WiFi

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