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Control Centre 2.0 Launch

Here at DeskPhone we like nothing more than making complicated things simple. But giving our customers access to enterprise level office phone systems that are simple enough for anyone to use is no easy task. Ironically and perhaps frustratingly, when it comes to technology, the simpler something appears, the more hard work and effort usually has gone into making it that way. From subtle nuances in user interface through to fully automated processes, these seemingly simple operations take hundreds of man (and women) hours of development and testing before we release them. Today, after 9 months in development we are proud to announce the launch of the DeskPhone Control Centre 2.0 to all our existing customers. This brand new system replaces the our Dashboard and has been developed from the ground up for our DeskPhone customers. This brand new platform allows our customers to efficiently manage and edit all aspects of their office phone system from one centralised control centre. DeskPhone Control Centre (CC) also works responsively across all devices so you can manage your phones even when on the go with our simple intuitive menus and options. Register or Log in now to view your account. DeskPhone CC Git Stats

Main FeaturesOrange Call Summary - Doughnut Chart

At a glance: Provides a quick, at a glance overview of your phone system including the number of active users & available minutes. System overview: Lists all active extensions (users) on your phone system giving you an overview of extension numbers, extension names, type of extension, direct dial number and an option to edit your existing extension. Edit Extension settings: Click on the edit extension button and you can directly edit your phone options including; name, email address and various divert options. We will continue to add options to this section so that you will be able to edit more features on your phones. Please call if you need advanced feature configuration such as time of day routing. Account:: Profile: Add and edit your company information.

What’s new in the Control Centre

As well as many features making their way across from the old dashboard there are some brand new features we are releasing today in DeskPhone CC and plenty more to be released in the coming months. Account Setup: Register and activate your Deskphone account online Account:: Charges: See all your account charges online with real time status updates Support:: Submit support tickets and view your past and current support enquiries online.       Support ticket form

The Future of DeskPhone Control Centre

Over the coming months we will implement various new features and updates to DeskPhone CC in order to continually improve the small business phone services that we offer. We will also shortly launch a new Roadmap section on our website which will give live updates on the progress of these new feature updates. The new roadmap section will also allow our customers and potential customers to add suggestions for features they would like to see in future editions of the Control Centre. If your suggestions get enough up votes we will implement them into a future edition of DeskPhone Control Centre. Development Roadmap Telecoms If you want to know more about the DeskPhone dashboard please contact us either by calling 0203 434 2068 or emailing us at If you want to explore the dashboard now for yourself set up your no obligation, free account by clicking here: Register

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