Desk-Phone VoIP mobile App Sneak Peek

Good morning and happy Friday to all our Desk-Phone readers! We hope that you are enjoying the resources that we are putting on our blog and are finding them beneficial when considering improvements to your own office phone systems. Today, mainly because it’s Friday and after a long week in the office we wanted to take a quick break from our ‘Benefits of VoIP office phones for small business’ series to show you something very special. An exclusive sneak preview of our very own Desk-Phone mobile application currently under development! DeskPhone App The new app will enable all our Desk-Phone users to make and receive calls on their smartphones, either whilst they are away from their desk or as a completely standalone solution. We are offering the application absolutely free of charge to all our existing and new users and you will be able to pick up a mobile only subscription for as little as £6.95 per month or as a free add on to your existing Desk-Phone subscription. We hope to have our mobile app ready to be launched on all major platforms including IOS, Android and Blackberry in Autumn 2013 but so that we don’t keep you waiting for a mobile solution (which a number of you have requested) we are planning on launching our mobile only subscription next month which can be used with a number of existing VoIP applications available for all platforms. We will also provide a comprehensive guide to setting up your Desk-Phone account on these phones to help get you started. We are working hard to include a number of great features in our business VoIP mobile app but would love to hear from you if you have any feature requests that you would like to see. Have a great weekend from everyone here at Desk-Phone!

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