DeskPhone Website 4.0

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new 2015 Deskphone website. As this was the fourth iteration of our customer facing site we wanted to get across the simplicity of our business phone service and make sure that the content was accessible on mobile devices (*cough* Google *cough*). Again, our design and digital marketing agency Drawn in Digital have done a super job of getting across our unique approach to business phones and the way we help our clients improve every aspect of their office communications. We really couldn’t ask for more, they are a real pleasure to work with.

What’s next?

This re-design of our website is just the beginning, we are currently very busy working on a whole range of digital assets for our customers and partners that will improve their Deskphone experience. Notable examples of this include; A new online store, refreshed support area, affiliate marketing portal, free digital/design assets, interactive pricing tables, customer stories, changes to the control centre and lots more. So when we say watch this space, you better keep your eyes peeled as we are publishing a lot of useful tools and content over the coming months.
Deskphone System Mobile website

The Store

Currently our customers can buy or rent hardware from their management portal or through customer services. We really wanted to show both new and existing customers the wide range of VoIP and mobile hardware we have on offer and thought an online store would be the perfect platform for this. The store will also feature ratings and additional information about our products allowing you to base your hardware purchasing decisions on not only our rigorous testing but also feedback from other customers who use the hardware on our hosted VoIP platforms. We are aiming to launch the store July 2015.

Go Mobile – Mobile Landlines (mobile VoIP)

Lots of our customers already know about our new initiative Go Mobile but with our new 2015 website comes the general public launch of this  groundbreaking new service. Go is a dedicated business only mobile network that not only allows you to make and receive landline calls on your mobile but gives you the full sweet of system features. What’s more it does all of this without apps, WiFi or cellular data. We will be releasing a press release on this new service shortly so check back.

Control Centre

The heart of our cloud based office phones – the control centre lets our customers manage their own phone systems and we have been making some big changes to this also to accommodate our new mobile services and online store. We are aiming to roll out changes gradually for this over the coming months.

New Pricing

To co-inside with our new mobile landline service we have simplified our pricing across the whole of Deskphone. User accounts will be charged at £9 per user per month and come with free inclusive UK minutes as standard. Minute bundles can now be purchased for both mobiles and landlines or as always you can pay only for what you use. We wanted to launch this new simplified pricing as having two separate products with different billing was getting a bit confusing for us let alone our customers. We feel that this new pricing not only offers great value for the services on offer but is very simple and easy to understand one of our core aims.
Thanks for reading and until next time!

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