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Help Center V2 Launch

We are pleased today to announce that we have re-designed and re-launched our popular Deskphone Customer Help Center!

What is the Help Center?

If you’re not already using the ‘Deskphone Help Center‘ it’s the go to place for helpful guides on how to use and get the most from your Deskphone and Go Mobiles. It contains easy to follow, step by step instructions and videos for everything Deskphone related. 

Even if you’re not a Deskphone customer, you will find a range of support articles from our engineers on how to use, administer and configure your VoIP phones. We’ve put these articles out on the web for everyone’s benefit – we hope it helps!

Why the re-design?

With our two main product lines sitting side by side (Deskphone and Go Mobile) we found our existing help center structure a little confusing to navigate especially if you only used one of the services. The new re-design focuses on searching and finding content as quickly as possible and categorising the articles into three main categories (Deskphone, Go and Account Basics). 

All about Search
You can see the Help Center V2 focuses on searching for articles. Just type what you’re looking for and the most relevant guides will be surfaced instantly. 

Search VoIP

Listening to our customers
We’ve taken a look at all the historical searches done across our sites and prioritised the questions that our customers are most frequently asking. Writing simple guides for all these questions our team will continue to add loads more support articles building up the Help Center into a one stop shop for not just using Deskphone but using VoIP Business Phones and Business Mobiles in general. If there is something you think we’re missing in terms of articles please let us know by emailing

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