Exciting news – we’re updating our trading name and our branding over the next couple of months. We’re going to be called ONSIM!

We’ve been called Deskphone since 2013 and although the name has served us well over the past 8 years (and we’re quite sentimental about it) our revolutionary Go Mobile Landline has become the core of our service offering. So much so that 97% of our base now use us exclusively as a mobile service rather than just plain old VoIP.

So the name Deskphone no longer makes a lot of sense. This is especially since in essence what we’re enabling customers to do is ditch their ‘desk phone’ all-together and go ‘mobile first’! Interestingly what we seem to have become is the anti-desk-phone (device) movement, helping customers where VoIP and soft-phone apps aren’t reliable and solving mobile lead business challenges for customers.

ONSIM as a brand better reflects what we do (a Landline – ON a SIM, Call & SMS recording – ON a SIM, etc…) and how we do it so should clear up a lot of confusion!

You can check out the new website here: https://onsim.uk

Just to clarify nothing else is changing and will continue to offer VoIP only services to our valued customers (our VoIP and mobile platform is one and the same so will continue to receive regular updates and TLC as you would expect), we’ve not been bought out, staff and management will remain the same, it’s a superficial change to better align our brand with our direction and services and to prevent lots of questions about our name.

Any questions you can reach out to us at support@desk-phone.com or support@onsim.uk.

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