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What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol which entails routing phone calls over the internet via a standard broadband internet connection. Although VoIP systems were relatively slow to be adopted in the business world, due to the massive increase in Broadband speeds over the past 5 years many businesses, particularly smaller enterprises have started to make the switch to a dedicated VoIP solution. When you add this to the advance in voice compression and range of advanced features available in the latest IP phones VoIP phone systems now offer a number of advantages over traditional PBX systems with very few of the drawbacks.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP phone systems work by turning analogue signals into digital audio that can be sent over the internet in much the same was as internet radio is streamed. As a result of this VoIP users can bypass the expense of using traditional telecoms providers and fixed land lines and pay only a fraction of the call costs.

The flexibility of VoIP systems

Like most recent technological developments in the open source revolution, VoIP office phone systems are not only cheap but inherently flexible, allowing free inter-site calling and transferring (even internationally). Even though this is a massive advance on traditional systems, one of the most important recent developments in VoIP technology has been the advance of mobile and home office applications for the service. These developments have allowed users to receive and make calls through their desk phone on the go or at home allowing meaning that your workforce can stay productive anywhere. Some reports suggest that up to 59% of employers who responded to a survey in 2011 were offering teleworking, up from 13% in 2006 meaning that having an office phone system that can allow staff to stay connected has never been more important. (Margaret Ryan BBC). Another area in which VoIP office systems are superior to traditional PBX systems is that they have very little up front costs as most of the hardware is hosted in the cloud. Because of this many businesses find it easy to scale their phone systems as they grow and with pay monthly solutions such as our standard desk-phone subscription from £19.95 per month you can manage your phone system costs accurately and effectively.

Desk-Phone’s VoIP System

Desk-Phone uses advanced VoIP technology and cloud hosted hardware to deliver unrivalled call quality and reliability to our customers whilst reducing their costs over traditional phone systems. If you want to find out more about our VoIP office phone packages get in touch or ask us a question on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

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