DeskPhone FAQ’s

Call Quality

Is DeskPhone like Skype?
No – Although it uses the same technology as services like Skype, our service is an enterprise grade solution designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. We also don’t route all our calls through servers in the US meaning there is no lag or call quality issues.
Is the call quality ok?
It’s better than ok – Because we use Yealink phones which are very economical with the amount of data they require and use HD encoding technology the call quality for our phone systems are superb.
Will my internet connection be good enough?
Our phones require just 80kbs of data to run at optimum levels – If you want to know if your internet connection will be strong enough to run your office phone system give us a call.


Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes – If at any time you want to cancel one or all of your phones just let us know. We will cancel your payment and arrange to pick up our phones. Please note there is a 30 day notice period for cancellation
Do I need to return the phones?
Yes – The phones remain the property of DeskPhone. We collect the handsets and recondition the units for other clients.
What notice do I need to give?
30 Days – You can cancel your subscription at any time. This starts your 30 day notice period which must be paid for. Suspension of services and collection of our phones will occur at the end of this 30 day period. You may still receive bills for minute charges or overages that you incurred before suspension after your 30 day notice period as minutes are billed 1-3 months in arrears.


Is there any feature that’s not included?
No – If there is something that you want to see on the platform outside of our feature list that you would like, please talk to us. We will do everything we can to get this included in our product roadmaps.
What features are included?
All our advanced features – This includes; call transfer, hold, line divert, call recording, voicemail, voicemail to email, mobile pairing, conference calling, Individual DDI’s and more. For more information on specific features give our sales staff a call today on 02034342068.
Why do you offer all features as standard?
Because it’s Fair – We don’t believe in the “do you want fries with that” model for our office phones. We want to provide the best small business phone systems in the world and give even the smallest businesses access to usually premium phone features.


Can I use my own VoIP phones?
Yes – Although we can configure other phones to work with our systems we would always advise using our recommended hardware. We can even recycle your old handsets and credit your account with the profits when you move to our handsets.
Do I own the phones?
It depends on whether you rent or buy your handsets from us – Our phone packages include a rental handset. The phones remain the property of DeskPhone at all times. If you purchase a phone from our store however you own the phone outright. Bear in mind that our rental handset come with a lifetime warranty, support and 24 hour replacement in the event they stop working.
How do the phones work?
VoIP – All our Desk Phones work using VoIP, which transmits your calls over the internet. You can read more about this on by browsing our website.
What do I need to run a DeskPhone?
Broadband – Our phones require standard broadband. 80kbs is enough to run a single phone at optimum quality.
What happens if the phones break?
We send you a new one – One of the main reasons for us renting the handsets is that if your phone malfunctions we replace it within 24 hours and collect the broken handset.
What is the difference between the phone models?
Hardware Features – We offer a range of phones suitable for any business application. Our entry level T20p is ideal for general office use however we would suggest the advanced or executive level phones if you are a high volume user or for receptionists. Our Cordless phones are ideal if you need portability. If you need additional information regarding phone choice you can call us on 02034342068.
Why do you use Yealink Phones?
Because they are the ideal small business phone – After reviewing a wide range of phone models and makes our experts found that the Yealink handsets offer a perfect balance of quality and reliability.


How can I order my office phones?
Online or over the phone – You can order your office phones and system online through our online portal or by calling us on 02034342068. If you need any help whilst ordering your phones one of our helpful staff are always on hand to guide you through your selection and make sure that you order the phone system that is right for you and your business.
How long do the phones take to set up and deliver?
3-5 working days – Once ordered we pre-configure your system and deliver them within 3-5 working days depending on where you are ordering them from.
How many phones can I order online?
As many as you need – DeskPhone cater for one user upwards so you can order just one phone/line. If you are looking for a system of over 10 phones we would suggest giving us a call us for a more bespoke quote.
Is ordering online secure?
Yes – We use GoCardless for all our online payments meaning that we do not store any sensitive payment information at DeskPhone for maximum security. When setting up your account you will be redirected to the Gocardless secure pages which are protected by 256bit SSL encryption. By taking payments through Gocardless you are also fully covered by the Direct Debit guarantee further adding to security.
What if I need help with my order?
Call us to speak with one of our helpful sales agents – If you need any help ordering your business phones you can either call us on 02034342068 or email us at


Can I cancel my payment?
Yes – Just log into your account with GoCardless to change your payments. Please note however that canceling your payment will result in suspension of services and us collecting our phones. This may also result in a cancellation / re-activation fee
Do you offer guarantees?
Yes – You are covered with the Direct Debit Guarentee through GoCardless.
Do you offer payment terms?
No – our subscriptions are taken automatically on a designated payment date each month. Any overages are payable 1 month in arrears
Do you take other payment methods?
Yes – we can accept payment via; Credit/debit card and standing order, just talk to us to discuss your requirements and preferred payment methods
How do you collect payment?
DirectDebt – Using GoCardless to collect our monthly subscriptions.
When does the direct debit go out?
Monthly on the first of the month – We also notify you when payment is due to be taken and issue you with a VAT invoice


How much do your phones cost?
Check out our Pricing for a full break down – All our phones come as pay monthly, all inclusive, per user pricing.
What are the tariffs for?
Increasing the number of inclusive minutes you have – Just like mobile phone contracts we include either 500, 1000 or unlimited call plans with our phone packages. If you want to pay as you go just talk to us for customized pricing.
What if I need to add more users?
Order online or over the phone – we will dispatch your new phones and add the order to your existing payments.
What if I need to change my tariff?
We can do that for you – to make sure that your getting the best value office phones we constantly monitor your spend and suggest pricing changes based on your use. We can increase or decrease your tariff as required.


If my internet goes off what happens to the phones?
They divert – If your internet fails your phones will either divert to your voicemail or to your mobiles.
What’s included in your phone packages?
Everything you need – Our all inclusive small business phone systems include everything that you need to get up and running including; a premium handset, line rental, UK or ROI landline, inclusive minutes, all our advanced features, cables, manuals and free UK based support.

Top Questions

What’s the Catch?
There aren’t any… honestly – Costs of traditional office phone services and systems are artificially high. Using VoIP and spreading the cost of hardware out over monthly payments allows us to offer the UK’s best value office phones. We created DeskPhone because we were fed up with paying over the odds for phone systems for our small businesses. We found a better solution that worked for us and now we want to share it with everyone.
Why are you so much cheaper than other providers?
Because at DeskPhone we use cloud hosted VoIP – Traditional office phones require a great deal of infrastructure and hardware. Cloud hosted VoIP runs through your existing broadband connection meaning that our costs are much lower which we pass on to our customers. On average we save our customers upwards of 70% on their existing phone office phone costs.