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“A Dedicated business only phone network”

Why a mobile network just for Businesses?

More and more businesses in the UK are relying on mobile phones for their day to day business operations and mobile use in the workplace is at an all time high. Whether it’s staff working remotely from home or technicians using custom built business apps to service customers on site, businesses reliance on mobile is growing at a rapid pace. The problem is the mobile network operators (and MVNO’s) are still building their products and services for their consumer customers with business users as an afterthought. Signing up for a 'business plan’ you might be offered a ‘dedicated' account manager or a range of other trivial add-ons but in essence the service and the features are exactly the same as you can get on the high street. To get an idea of these problems we surveyed a number of businesses and compiled a list of issues they faced with their current mobile network;

Problems with using consumer mobile networks for business

  • High cost
  • Poor reliability
  • Poor customer Support
  • Limited features when compared to fixed line systems
  • No redundancy
  • Poor reception / signal
  • Billing issues
  • Lack of integrations into other business systems

Looking at these issues it was clear that there was a need for a dedicated business only mobile network. Using this research we built a mobile network from the ground up with powerful business features at it’s core.

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Introducing Go, The UK’s first dedicated
business only mobile network

Go is the UK’s first mobile network in the UK with a wide range of features developed specifically for businesses. Whether you’re a team of one or a thousand, our mobile office phone system will make you wonder how you ever managed to use a ‘consumer’ network for your business mobiles.

What are the benefits of a dedicated business mobile network?

A business mobile network provides all the benefits of a regular mobile network with a shed load of additional features developed and designed for improving your business. Here are the main benefits of using our business mobile network over a consumer one;

  • Features - advanced features (see below) increase productivity and efficiency whilst reducing cost and admin.
  • Costs - by consolidating both mobile and landline phone systems a business mobile network can offer substantial cost savings for businesses and our platform allows you to properly track and manage spend across multiple users. Because calls are also made at landline rates companies frequently calling international locations from mobiles can reduce their monthly spend using our business mobile network.
  • Reliability and Redundancy - being able to route calls, data and SMS over multiple carriers (O2, Vodafone and EE) we can offer redundancy and increased reliability for mission critical communication.
  • Better customer service - because we only deal with businesses our customer support is tailored to professionals and governed by strict service level agreements.
  • Better Reception / Signal - As we touched on above routing services over all three major UK networks allows us to provide the largest network coverage in the UK. When you join our business network you can use O2, Vodafone and EE’s network through one SIM.
  • Integrations with other systems - We provide a number of off the shelf integrations into some of the most commonly used enterprise software such as Salesforce to sync calls and call recording. If you need an integration into a specific platform send an email to our sales team at
  • Compliance - mobile call and SMS recording on network means your always compliant with regulations. Recordings can either be emailed to you or securely stored for 3, 5 or 7 years.



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What specific features do you get with a business mobile network?

  • Landline & Mobile Numbers - One of the most beloved features of our business mobile network is the ability to control the caller ID that is presented when you make calls. This means our customers can display their local landline number or main company number as their caller ID when making calls from their mobile phone. This is ideal for when you want to make business calls but don’t want to display a personal mobile number or when you want to share a number across a team. Customers can choose from our range of 650+ Local UK landline numbers, normal 07 mobile numbers or we can port in an existing landline or mobile number from another provider or mobile network.
  • Standard Mobile Features - As standard our business network includes all the features you expect from a typical mobile network such as Data, SMS and Calls so there is no compromise when choosing to move.
  • PBX Features - A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system that allows users to share lines and provides a wide range of features. Because our mobile network is fully integrated into a powerful cloud PBX we can give all of the same great enterprise features as regular office phones to our mobile users (without apps or WiFi). Features such as;
    Shared Call Appearance

    Share one main office number

    Short-code Extension Numbers

    Dial 2001 on platform to reach your team

    Hold & Transfer

    Hold calls and play hold music

    Hunt Groups

    Answer your main line on multiple handsets

    Caller Menu’s & Greetings

    Customisable menus & welcome messages

    Call & SMS Recording

    Record calls & messages at carrier level

    Advanced Call Handling

    Customisable diverts & forwarding rules

    Time of Day Schedules

    Set diverts based on time of day or date

    Desktop Handsets & Soft-phones

    Integrate with Fixed Phone systems

    Advanced Voicemail

    Customisable user & group Voicemail

    Conference Calling

    Conference bridges for multi-party calls

    Software integrations

    Integrate mobiles into existing systems

  • Online Management Portal - Manage your account including all your numbers, users, SIM’s and Deskphones from one centralised secure management portal.
  • UK Network Roaming - Access the three main UK networks (O2, Vodafone & EE) through a single SIM. Our customers can also roam across networks if they loose signal on one network but have available coverage on another.
  • Team Features - Consumer mobile networks were designed for single consumers and offer no group admin or group features. Our business mobile network offers a wide range of features aimed at increasing collaboration and efficiency in teams.
  • Business Customer Support - our dedicated customer support team are on hand to resolve issues and because we can route calls over multiple networks our engineers can resolve issues fast.
  • New features - we’re constantly developing exciting new features for our business customers based on their feedback to improve our service.
  • Simple pricing - simple pricing that makes managing and administering large teams a breeze.

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How our mobile network works?

The Go Business mobile network works in a similar way to other UK mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) in that we don’t own wireless network infrastructure and rely on other mobile networks to provide our services. This is however where the similarities to other mobile providers stop. Instead of relying on a single mobile network to provide our service, (for instance giffgaff use O2) we can route calls, sms and data over three of the UK’s largest networks (O2, Vodafone and EE) giving us better redundancy and better coverage. We route services from our customers mobile devices, through one of the mobile networks to our servers. From there the calls can behave like they were made from our full featured office phone system which facilitates all of the advanced features we offer. It’s that unique link between a mobile network and our cloud based PBX servers that allows us to provide our mobile office phone systems as a service to our customers.

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Business Mobile Network Resources

If you would like to read more about our Business Mobile Network you can download the Go Mobile Data-sheet by clicking the link below.

If you have any other questions you can contact one of our experts at

Download - Data-sheet V1.3

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