Go Mobile FAQ’s

The Service

Deskphone Go is a mobile network that allows users to make and receive calls over landline numbers. It’s a mobile network built from the ground up for businesses and incorporates many advanced other features normally only found on business office phone systems. Because it’s a mobile network and not an app it’s reliable and works seamlessly with your mobile phone.
Your landline number. When you make an outbound call from your Go SIM the call will come from your landline number. The person you are calling will see your landline number as your caller ID and would not know it’s been made from a mobile. If you have a team multiple mobiles can share the same landline for both outbound and inbound calls.
O2, Vodafone and EE. Our Deskphone Go SIM’s can roam across all three of the UK’s top mobile networks to maximise coverage. You get the benefit of all three networks through a single SIM. Our UK roaming works by the the SIM always trying to maintain a connection to our core network (O2). If they lose signal on O2 they can roam onto Vodafone or EE if their coverage is better. If you would like to find out more about this feature please email sales@desk-phone.com
It’s very reliable – Because we use three mobile networks we can offer wider coverage and better redundancy than other UK mobile networks an MVNO’s. Because our network is targeted at businesses the reliability of our service is of paramount importance to us.
No Deskphone GO is not VOIP. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses smartphone apps to make and receive calls over the internet. Our Deskphone Go Service uses traditional GSM mobile networks to make calls. Because you’re not relying on data or WiFi the reliability and call quality is much higher using Deskphone Go.
No. Once you install one of our Go SIM’s you don’t need to install any software. Just use your mobile as normal to make and receive calls and benefit from our wide range of features.
BT’s Cloud service is a VoIP service. You need to install an app on your smartphone or use an IP phone. Calls are made using your data or WiFi connection so your connection needs to be incredibly stable or you can’t make clear calls.
One net is probably the most similar service to Deskphone Go in terms of the way it works. You are however locked into using Vodafone only and it’s comparatively expensive.
A virtual landline is a landline with a permanent divert to a mobile number. Inbound calls to your virtual landline will be forwarded to your mobile but they don’t allow you to make calls from your landline number. Therefore if you miss a call and want to dial back you will be displaying your mobile number not your landline.
Deskphone Go was built from the ground up for businesses not consumers. It’s been designed to offer a wide range of features and to simplify and streamline communication for companies.
Our SIM’s are enabled to roam worldwide. Roam Like at Home applies whilst in the EU but please check with support before roaming outside the EU. Roaming charges are significantly more expensive and you are liable to pay any charges incurred – we do not offer roaming capping on your bill.
Yes – you can have up to 10 numbers (both landline or mobile) per SIM. This makes it ideal if you want to consolidate business numbers.
No – not all UK landlines are SMS enabled so SMS is sent from your underlying mobile number to make sure your texts are delivered correctly. If you need SMS on your landline speak to our sales team for alternate solutions.
Yes – If you need your customers to ‘press 1 for sales, two for…’ we can help you set this up on your Deskphone Go system. Please speak to support regarding setting up your IVR. This is not available on single user systems.
Yes – you can login to our portal and setup manual, automatic and timed diverts to off platform numbers. You can use our easy to follow guides here
Yes – all our plans come with advanced voicemail as standard. You can customise the greeting and the voicemails are automatically sent via email to an email address of your choice. You can view our guides on setting up and customising your voicemail here
Hold and Transfer, Mobile Call Recording, Extension numbers, Shared call appearance and more. If you have a specific requirement or need a particular feature speak to one of our solutions experts by calling 02034342068.
No – we do not provide mobile handsets with any of our Deskphone Go plans. If you need Mobile handsets for your business speak to our sales team who can introduce you to handset manufacturers for preferential Deskphone pricing.
It depends on your system, provider and size of your requirement. Speak to our sales team for more information and how we can integrate Go into your existing phone system.
Yes – we offer a twinned service that pairs our Deskphone and Deskphone Go service. This means your landline number can ring on both your mobile and your landline simultaneously, share a voicemail and loads more.  
Please speak to our sales and service delivery team if you need bigger data packages.

Getting Started

Yes, choose your landline number (from over 650 UK landline dial codes) by clicking here
We can offer all 650 UK landline dial codes for your Deskphone Go Landline SIM.

When you request a SIM and choose a number we will reserve and hold your chosen number for one month only. Only once you activate your SIM (including successful payment of your first invoice) is the number registered to you and guaranteed. Only after registration does the number belong to you and can be ported out of our systems.

Please note that in some rare cases two customers may request the same number at the same time. In this case we will operate a first come, first served basis and an alternate number choice will be offered to the second order.

Yes – we can port or transfer landline numbers from most providers to use with your Deskphone Go Landline SIM. Please email our sales team at sales@desk-phone.com to discuss porting your number from another provider to Deskphone Go.
SIM’s are dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class and usually take 3-5 working days to be delivered. (Working day excludes bank holidays and weekends).
Once you receive your SIM head online to activate it here.

A full guide on activating your SIM can be found here.

Once you activate your SIM it can take up to 24 hours for it to become active. Most SIM’s activated during working hours are activated within 2 hours of receiving the activation request.  
Yes your handset must be unlocked to use with our Deskphone Go service. You can check with the company you bought the handset from if it is unlocked.
Yes – our SIM’s will work in any GSM mobile
No, all our SIM’s can be popped out to all three sizes meaning they will fit in any mobile. If you keep the plastic surrounds you can build the SIM’s back up again to larger sizes.

Billing & Payments

From £9.95/month/user – We have a range of plans with varying allowances to suit all budgets which are listed here.

If you need volume pricing (for systems bigger than 10 users) we can provide a custom quote – please email sales@desk-phone.com

Go Standard is 30 day pay monthly contract, Go Pro is a 12 month pay monthly contract. We do not currently offer a pay as you go service.
On activation you will be immediately billed for any remaining days in that month. Your first full bill will be charged on the 1st of the following month. Call charges (over allowances) are billed two months in arrears.
You will be billed via a saved Debit or Credit card.
Yes – for customers paying more than £300/month we offer a direct debit  payment option.
Standard plans do not require a credit check. The default Standard service however restricts premium rate, service and international calls from being mad. These blocks may be lifted on completion of a credit check. We may perform a credit check for Pro Accounts and if activation of more than 5 standard SIM’s are requested.
Yes, you can upgrade your package but please note you can not downgrade a pro plan within the 12 month initial term.
If you use more than your planned allowance within a charging period you will be billed at the published out of bundle rate detailed here.
You can request cancellation of your contract by emailing support@desk-phone.com. Cancellation policy is as per the terms and conditions applicable for your plan.
Yes – your landline number belongs to you and you can move it to another landline provider. The right for businesses to be able to transfer their landline number is protected by our governing body Ofcom so we couldn’t stop you from moving elsewhere. Please note that if you do intend to port a number to another provider you must keep your service with us active until your number transfers. You will need to pay for your Deskphone Go service up until the day after you port it to prevent your number being de-activated. Porting your number doesn’t cancel your contact or contractual obligations to us. Please see our terms for more information on porting.