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Benefits of VoIP – Maintaining professional service

In this article in the Benefits of VoIP series we will see how by installing a business IP phone system you can increase your service levels, giving your company a highly professional image and why this is so important.

Why is good customer service so important?

It should be pretty straight forward, if you have a direct channel of correspondence to your customers you are more likely to be able to deal with any problems that arise in the course of your business quickly and efficiently reducing the effect of that problem to your client. Talking to our customers at Desk-Phone we found that particularly bad customer servicing issues tend to arise when customers are unable to contact your staff quickly resulting in a great deal of frustration and a tendency to air them on more public platforms such as social media. This causes a great deal of damage to your company as forums and social media sites tend to be placed at the top of search results near or above your listing in direct view of anyone thinking of doing business with you. We also found out that customers that are able to get in touch directly with the company that they want to deal with are much more likely to use their services. It seems as though happy customers tend to stay longer and buy more… who would have thought? Orange Pencil Tickbox amazing

How can VoIP office phones help you better your levels of customer service?

There are a number of ways that a VoIP office phone systems will help increase your levels of customer service which are listed below: Auto attendants – Directing your customers to the right member of your team is the first step in making sure that their query is dealt with as efficiently as possible and reduces the amount of time that they will be placed on hold. Call Transfer – If in the event that your customer finds their way to the wrong member of staff or needs to be transferred to someone else the call transfer feature of VoIP office phones is ideal and with VoIP you can transfer calls between offices even if they are on the other side of the world. Voice Mail – VoIP office phones usually have very advanced voicemail options which means that even if you have a small customer service team you can manage enquires effectively. You can also set your voicemail to kick in after ours so that your customers are always delt with correctly at any time day or night. HD Call quality – There is nothing more frustrating as a user than a poor quality line when speaking to customer support. With VoIP office phones you can eradicate this with the High Definition call quality for both the incoming and outgoing call data. Call History – With powerful call history features your staff will be able to see who called and when. Shared Directory – Let your staff see who is calling with a shared contact directory for your business. This will enable them to manage calls internally and give your clients bespoke support. Hold music – No one likes to be on hold, but why not make sure that when your customers are they are listening to something actually worthwhile. With hosted VoIP you can upload your own hold music or have someone like us create some for you, giving you that professional touch. all forwarding – Make sure that when you are out of the office the calls get managed correctly and with time specific settings make sure that calls are dealt with correctly at any time day or night. As you can see there are a number of ways in which a professional business phone system can help improve your customer services and your business. If you can think of any more or would like any more information on this please feel free to get in touch with us on 02034342068 or email us at We hoped you enjoyed this article on the benefits of VoIP office phones, the next article in the series is… Benefits of VoIP – Auto attendants

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