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Benefits of VoIP office phones article 5 – Auto attendants

In the 5th article in the ‘Benefits of VoIP for small business office phones’ series we’ll aim to look at auto attendants and how they can help you manage a busy incoming landline.

What are auto attendants?

Auto attendants, also known as IVR’s (Interactive Voice Response) are usually a series of pre recorded voice prompts or options that route callers to the correct area of the business depending on their enquiry. This usually involves the user responding to the recordings by pressing numbers on their keypad in order to select the correct option. You have more than likely come across auto attendants in the past when calling large institutions where they have a number of departments such as banks and helplines and are familiar with the “Press one for new customers, press two for accounts or press three for all other enquiries”. Some companies have recently launched new voice recognition auto attendants that can have advanced customer routing options such as DHL. DHL use this type of auto attendant to enable their customers to track and book packages without ever having to have to speak to a member of their staff, reducing staff cost and allowing them to deal with a far greater number of enquiries more efficiently.

What are the benefits of IVR and auto attendant systems?

Auto attendants allow busy helplines and businesses to manage their incoming calls without having to hire a large number of staff. Generally by routing enquiries through to the correct member of staff or requiring that they enter an account number before they reach a member of your team it can reduce the time spent on the phone by around half. This not only saves time and money but greatly improves your levels of customer service and subsequently satisfaction within your business. IVR Old fashioned call centre

How auto attendants can help your small business?

Generally in the past complex IVR systems have only been available to large companies as the hardware and professional voice recordings have been inherently expensive. With the increase in lower cost VoIP systems this technology has greatly reduced in price and are now available to even the smallest business. Although being a small business you are unlikely to have a large number of incoming calls being able to mange those that you do receive professionally and efficiently with minimal staff is key to organic growth without increasing staff costs. Many of our customers in the past have said that being able to deal with one call whilst others queue enables one person to manage a high volume of calls in peak times without having to hire additional resources.

How to set up your own auto attendant

As we mentioned earlier, auto attendants are a series of pre recorded voice prompts. Although there are a number of professional services that we work with that provide both off the shelf and custom scripts, it is possible to record your own messages. We believe that the best way to do this is to write a script and develop a flow chart to visualise the customer route. Once this is done you can use any voice recording application on your computer and individually record the dialogue. Once this is done you can upload the recordings to your VoIP provider who will install it on your system. Desk-Phone provide a wide range of professional recording services to suit all needs and budgets and our standard VoIP phone packages come as standard with auto attendant support and IVR. If you would like any additional information about anything covered in this article please contact us by phoning 0203 434 2068 or emailing us at info@desk-phone.com.

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