VoIP Phones for Small Business

Benefits of VoIP office phones part 2 – Reducing costs

It would be hard for us to do a summary of the main benefits of VoIP office phones for small businesses without mentioning the extraordinary cost savings that can be achieved with a well managed VoIP phone system. At Desk-Phone our average customer savings is an impressive 73% for those who have traditional phones and with UK startups and small businesses having to stay lean in these hard times these cost savings on your office phones can be put into other areas of your business such as your Digital Marketing. So how do we achieve these cost savings for our customers?

Why do VoIP Office Phones cost less?

One of the main reasons that VoIP or Voice over internet protocol phone systems are much cheaper than their traditional counterparts it that they do away with all the costly initial cost and infrastructure of dedicated office phones such as physical phone lines, voicemail servers and PBX systems. Here at Desk-Phone we have seen small business phone systems of less than 10 phones that cost more than £5000 before the phones are even installed, costs that we find are just unrealistic for the majority of small enterprises in todays difficult markets. As a result of these low setup costs, not only do small business owners save great deal of money from the outset but we as a telecoms provider are able to offer far more flexible servicing agreements. Because of this Desk-Phone can not only offer low monthly pricing of but also allow our customers the opportunity to cancel their subscription at any time as they are not tied into a contract. If these savings weren’t enough, with VoIP all your calls are routed over your broadband connection which greatly reduces your call charges and removes costly line rental. Most of our office phone customers pay as little as 1/10 of the costs traditional telecoms providers charge them for making calls with savings being particularly high for long distance calling such as phoning USA and Europe. If you want to find out more about our low rate national and international call charges call us now on 02034342068 or email us at info@desk-phone.com. Pink piggy bank with belt

What other ways can VoIP reduce the cost of running your small business?

Although we have mentioned a number of ways that VoIP office phones can help you reduce the cost of running a small business there are a number of additional features that will enable you to reduce the cost of your office phones. Free inter office calls – Thats right, if you have additional offices, even if they are on the other side of the world you can transfer, forward and call these phones absolutely free of charge and with advanced HD VoIP desk phones, the experience is like they are in the same room. Chat with us to see how this can work for your business. Call capping and balance notifications – As a small business we all want to stay on top of our bills and with VoIP phones from Desk-Phone we can help you keep track of all of your staffs calls and charges. Just let us know when you order your Desk-Phones and we can set up balance notifications and limits that can let you know when your approaching your monthly minute allowance and even cap the call charges automatically to avoid running up large bills. Home office working – Although there are differing opinions on home working currently and its effectiveness, giving your staff the opportunity to be productive for you business from their own home can save you money, as staff don’t spend time travelling into the office. With VoIP your workers can stay productive anywhere, whether they are on the move or at a different location all they need is a compatible mobile phone currently IOS, Android or blackberry and they can make and receive calls as if they were sitting at their desk. As we can see above there are a number of ways using VoIP for your office phones can benefit a small business by being cost effective. If you want to find out how much switching to VoIP could save you contact Desk-Phone on 0203 434 2068 or email us at info@desk-phone.com.

Coming up next in our Benefits of VoIP for your small business office phones:

Coming up next in our ‘Benefits of VoIP for small business series’ – Scalability – How by switching to VoIP for your office phone system could allow you to scale your business effectively both in increasing and decreasing the number of office phones that you operate. If you have any questions on anything in the series so far please contact us at info@desk-phone.com.

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