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Office Phone Systems – The Scalability of VoIP (Part 3)

In our experience in providing super office phone systems for some amazing small businesses, we noticed that one of our their favourite benefits of of using VoIP was the flexibility and scalability hosted VoIP offers. When you think about old school office phones, scalability was alway a bit of an uphill struggle. With additional infrastructure and hardware costing a fortune and slowing your growth it wasn’t surprising to have to shell out hundreds of pounds even for a couple of new extensions. Then there is the problem of temporary project staff, customers we spoke too couldn’t even justify getting a new extension even for mid term staff so they just had to do without. Luckily this is all changing with hosted VoIP systems in place of traditional PBX for your office phones.

Office Phone Contracts and why you shouldn’t put up with them

We appreciate that entering into restrictive long term contract (some of the ones we have seen for office phone systems have been up to 6 years) probably just isn’t going to be a viable option for today’s small businesses. We asked our clients why they were putting up such restrictive agreements and shockingly they said that was the only option. Even some more progressive phone suppliers still request that you sign up to a minimum of a year on a contract, something that we don’t believe in. With Desk-Phone you get everything you need to set up your very own office phones with no contracts and no risk. If your not happy with your phones at any point, you want to downscale the number of phones that you need just return them to cancel your subscription, no questions asked. This means that you can have a risk free phone system and be flexible enough to grown or downscale as you need, even if you just need a couple of phones for a couple of months, perfect for freelancers, temps or interns.

Expanding your workforce by adding unlimited number of extensions

Why should you be penalised for growing your business? VoIP allows you to expand the number of phones you have on your system as easy as plugging it in to your network and with pre-configured phones they just work together, with no hassle and no set-up costs. This handy feature not only allows you to add additional phones to your local network in your office, but with hosted VoIP systems you can add additional phones to your network as mobile only, home office or even at different locations and have them function just as if they were on site. What’s more, inter office calling is completely free, even if they are on the other side of the world. This means that collaborating, conferencing and communicating with your staff has never been easier or more fun. One very important point that you might want to consider when purchasing your office phones is the future maintenance and upgrades that you are inevitably going to have to pay for at some point down the line. Does your office phone provider provide these or are you going to have to find a dedicated supplier? Desk-Phone provides its users with a full maintenance service free of charge. In the unlikely event that your phone breaks, we replace it within 24 hours and if your having problems just call our UK based support team, thats peace of mind for your small business you can expect from Desk-Phone. Key points to think about when expanding your office phone system;
  • Don’t sign up restrictive long term contracts
  • Check the costs of expanding your system
  • Check if you can have phones configured for short term staff
  • Check the inter office call charges
  • Check the maintenance options, support and upgrades

Downsizing or restructuring your office phone system

What if your business circumstances change or you need to relocate or restructure your business? With traditional office phones this could be costly and time consuming, including paying for new lines to be installed at your new premises or paying for phones that you no longer need but are contracted into. With flexible VoIP phone systems, you can reduce the number of phones on your network at any point with no cancellation penalties and if in the even that you move, just unplug them and plug them into the broadband at your new office. It couldn’t be more simple to migrate your phone systems and with Desk-Phone if you need it, which we can guarantee you won’t we will send a dedicated phone engineer round to install your phones at your new location taking out all the worry and hassle of moving your business. Cloud Hosted VoIP Office Phone icon We hope that you have enjoyed this article and found it helpful in considering VoIP for your very own office phone system. If you want to know more or have any topics that you would like us to cover in this series, please let us know by calling 0203 434 2068 or email us at The next post in this series discusses how VoIP business phones can help you portray a professional image to your clients helping you land bigger contracts.

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