GDPR Update

From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to all data we hold about our customers.

We take our responsibility for management of customers data seriously, and have reviewed all our systems and suppliers to ensure that where we store your data, it is held only for legitimate reasons, and is carefully looked after.

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DeskPhone Website 4.0

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new 2015 Deskphone website. As this was the fourth iteration of our customer facing site we wanted to get across the simplicity of our business phone service and make sure that the content was accessible on mobile devices (*cough* Google *cough*). Again, our design and digital marketing agency Drawn in Digital have done a super job of getting across our unique approach to business phones and the way we help our clients improve every aspect of their office communications. We really couldn’t ask for more, they are a real pleasure to work with.
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Zopim - Customer Services Chat

Live Chat – Talking to us just got a whole lot easier

We love talking to our customers & listening to their feedback has driven us to create the DeskPhone you know today. Although we offer a number of channels for our customers and potential customers to contact us such as; Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked in Company page & of course by telephone on 0203 434 2068, naturally we wanted to continue to take our service a step further. We are pleased to announce that we now offer real time live chat for our customer support and sales services directly on all our web platforms (, & Read More
Control Centre Banner

Control Centre 2.0 Launch

Here at DeskPhone we like nothing more than making complicated things simple. But giving our customers access to enterprise level office phone systems that are simple enough for anyone to use is no easy task. Ironically and perhaps frustratingly, when it comes to technology, the simpler something appears, the more hard work and effort usually has gone into making it that way. From subtle nuances in user interface through to fully automated processes, these seemingly simple operations take hundreds of man (and women) hours of development and testing before we release them. Read More
Desk Phone to launch ebay store

DeskPhone to launch ebay store

Today we are pleased to preview the upcoming DeskPhone eBay store. We found that lots of people are searching and buying hardware from Ebay and underestimating the time and costs associated with setting up an office phone system. With our new store our aim is to provide a marketplace for people to buy both new and used quality VoIP hardware that is pre-configured with a DeskPhone account allowing for the simple plug and play installation that we are known throughout the industry for. Read More

Desk-Phone VoIP mobile App Sneak Peek

Good morning and happy Friday to all our Desk-Phone readers! We hope that you are enjoying the resources that we are putting on our blog and are finding them beneficial when considering improvements to your own office phone systems. Today, mainly because it’s Friday and after a long week in the office we wanted to take a quick break from our ‘Benefits of VoIP office phones for small business’ series to show you something very special. An exclusive sneak preview of our very own Desk-Phone mobile application currently under development! Read More
VoiceMail Icon Orange

Not just voicemail

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a service usually provided by phone companies that allows contacts that are unable to reach you for whatever reason to leave a spoken memo for you to listen to at a later date. This information usually left by the caller usually contains a brief summary of the intent of the call along with details of how and when to get back in touch. Voice Mail has been included in telephone packages since 1986 where it was seen as great advancement in communications at the time. Read More