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Ofcom Plans to simplify UK phone numbers

Today the BBC have reported that Ofcom, the UK’s telecoms regulatory body are putting in place a number of plans to simplify the system of ‘non geographic’ UK phone numbers which start 03, 08 & 09. The advance of telecommunications in the UK has seen a whole host of complicated premium rate number and charging structures outside of the regular area codes that were first used in the UK. Ofcoms own guide on these numbers runs in at around 3 pages so it has been clear for some time that this would need to a reform at some point. Read More

Desk-Phone VoIP mobile App Sneak Peek

Good morning and happy Friday to all our Desk-Phone readers! We hope that you are enjoying the resources that we are putting on our blog and are finding them beneficial when considering improvements to your own office phone systems. Today, mainly because it’s Friday and after a long week in the office we wanted to take a quick break from our ‘Benefits of VoIP office phones for small business’ series to show you something very special. An exclusive sneak preview of our very own Desk-Phone mobile application currently under development! Read More
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Office Phone Systems – The Scalability of VoIP (Part 3)

In our experience in providing super office phone systems for some amazing small businesses, we noticed that one of our their favourite benefits of of using VoIP was the flexibility and scalability hosted VoIP offers. When you think about old school office phones, scalability was alway a bit of an uphill struggle. With additional infrastructure and hardware costing a fortune and slowing your growth it wasn’t surprising to have to shell out hundreds of pounds even for a couple of new extensions. Then there is the problem of temporary project staff, customers we spoke too couldn’t even justify getting a new extension even for mid term staff so they just had to do without. Luckily this is all changing with hosted VoIP systems in place of traditional PBX for your office phones. Read More
VoIP Phones for Small Business

Benefits of VoIP office phones part 2 – Reducing costs

It would be hard for us to do a summary of the main benefits of VoIP office phones for small businesses without mentioning the extraordinary cost savings that can be achieved with a well managed VoIP phone system. At Desk-Phone our average customer savings is an impressive 73% for those who have traditional phones and with UK startups and small businesses having to stay lean in these hard times these cost savings on your office phones can be put into other areas of your business such as your Digital Marketing. So how do we achieve these cost savings for our customers? Read More
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Benefits of VoIP office phones for small business

Office phones for small business, the benefits of VoIP | Desk-Phone Small business resources – series 1

One the fundamental reasons why we started Desk-Phone was to give small businesses access to sophisticated, professional communication tools that have in the past only been available for the largest companies. These fully featured office phone systems have previously been out of the reach of the UK’s small businesses and startups mainly due to the high cost of purchasing and maintaining them, however with the recent advancement in communications technology, particularly a surge in VoIP, fully featured office phone systems are now available to all businesses of all sizes for much lower prices than you might imagine. This might sound too good to be true, but what are the benefits of VoIP office phones for small business and why they still so important for small businesses today? Read More
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Not just voicemail

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a service usually provided by phone companies that allows contacts that are unable to reach you for whatever reason to leave a spoken memo for you to listen to at a later date. This information usually left by the caller usually contains a brief summary of the intent of the call along with details of how and when to get back in touch. Voice Mail has been included in telephone packages since 1986 where it was seen as great advancement in communications at the time. Read More
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What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol which entails routing phone calls over the internet via a standard broadband internet connection. Although VoIP systems were relatively slow to be adopted in the business world, due to the massive increase in Broadband speeds over the past 5 years many businesses, particularly smaller enterprises have started to make the switch to a dedicated VoIP solution. When you add this to the advance in voice compression and range of advanced features available in the latest IP phones VoIP phone systems now offer a number of advantages over traditional PBX systems with very few of the drawbacks. Read More